Tango Tickets – Terms & Conditions

Purchase Policy

  • Always use the Tango Tickets price list.
  • You will find the link to our price list on the homepage of our website.
  • Prices will be updated regularly.
  • As soon as the updated prices are sent, the new prices are valid.
  • Always wait for Tango confirmation, before you confirm to your client.
  • Any game not found in our price list is available on request.
  • Please order through WhatsApp (+34 622 817 627) or Email only.
  • Orders are confirmed only after you received a Tango Tickets invoice. If you haven’t received an invoice 2 days after you ordered…, you need to ask for it!! (We might have missed your order)
  • Always check if the content of the invoice is accurate because we will deliver the order according this written text.
  • The Tango Tickets invoice is always the leading document.
  • All invoices received need to be paid within 5 working days (unless agreed otherwise)


  • Hotel reception delivery. It’s very important that you check, in what name the hotel is booked. This should be the only name you share with us. This name will be on the delivery envelope and easily recognized by the hotel that normally will accept the package for the client. Sometimes deliveries are not accepted by the hotel reception. In that case we will contact your client and organize an alternative delivery. Your customer is obliged to cooperate with us and sometimes needs to put in some effort, to get the tickets (collection point) We need your client’s mobile phone number in all cases and with every booking. Regardless on the type of ticket it is very important that we can reach your client directly in case of any problem. It can have serious consequences for the delivery when a mobile phone number is not provided. When the number is not correct or when the client doesn’t answer the phone. Tango cannot be held responsible for this.
  • Sending with Royal Mail (special delivery) to the hotel or any UK address given. The resident has to be present to sign and accept the package. Please check this before you forward the delivery address to us. When nobody is home to sign and accept, Royal Mail will leave a card in the mailbox. With this card the package can be picked up at the nearest post office. Tango Tickets is not responsible for any delay caused by absence of the resident or delivery cards that cannot be retrieved (AirBnB) Some hotels refuse to accept deliveries for guests. In that case the package will return with Royal Mail. It usually cannot be traced back in time and must be considered lost. Tango will always do everything possible to solve this problem and get your client new tickets. However, the responsibility lies with you and you will have to pay for possible damage and replacement tickets.
  • Hand Delivery. When your client has no place to stay (or in any other case without an address) we can decide to do a personal delivery. ‘Tango deliveries’ will contact your client to meet your client and deliver the tickets in person. This service is only available in consultation with us at extra costs (GBP 30,00)
  • Pick-up-Point. In some cases ‘Tango deliveries’ will share a location where your client needs to collect the tickets. Although it doesn’t occur regularly, we reserve the right to deviate from the standard delivery procedure and organize a pick-up-point. In such a case we will inform you in time so you can forward all details to your client. The given instructions need to be followed closely. Clients shouldn’t show up too early and certainly not too late at the pick-up location. Make sure your client can identify him/herself at all times.

Tango Tickets strives to deliver all tickets 1 day before matchday. It can occur that delivery is delayed and will take place on the day of the match. Until 90 minutes before kick-off we can deliver tickets to your client. In the exceptional case that Tango Tickets fails to deliver in time, you have the right to cancel the order without any questions asked or costs charged. Claims as a result of mistakes on our part need to be submitted directly after the match. Claims older than a week will no longer be processed.

Delivery details need to be complete at all times;

  • First name and last name (of the person that booked the hotel)
  • Mobile phone number of the client (at all times)
  • Full name of the hotel/apartment building
  • Check-in date
  • Exact address and postal code of the residence (check via Google svp)

Types of tickets

  • Etickets – we send them to you. It is your responsibility to forward Etickets to your client. Etickets need to be printed at all times with a good functioning printer.
  • Paper Tickets – will be delivered to your client like we described before. There is an unknown name on the paper ticket. Please instruct your client to ignore this, go to the turnstile, swipe/scan and go in.
  • Season Cards – will be delivered to your client like we described before. There is an unknown name on the season card. Please instruct your client to ignore this, go to the turnstile, swipe/scan and go in. Right after the match, cards need to be returned according the instructions in the received envelope.
  • Advise your clients to enter the stadium approximately 30 mins before kick-off, so in case of any trouble, there will be still time to fix things.
  • It is your responsibility to inform your clients about how to use named tickets and season cards. In case of any check from a club official they need to stay calm and tell that the tickets came from a friend and nobody paid any money to get them. You know the drill…!!
  • When your clients experience any problem with the tickets delivered, they have to contact you/us immediately so we can check what went wrong and fix the problem. If they decide not to call and leave the scene, clients cannot submit any claim afterwards.

Always forward complete delivery details as soon as possible !!

  • Tickets that are not specifically purchased for the away end should be only visited by supporters of the home team. If it turns out that your client purchased home end whilst supporting the visiting team, the order will be cancelled immediately. This will not discharge you from paying for the tickets and all damage, as a result of such behavior and will be charged to you as well. Tango Tickets only supplies supporters that behave themselves in a correct way and only buys tickets for the correct section of the stadium as it is a criminal offense in the UK to do otherwise. Always check with your clients, who they support!
  • Tango Tickets operates on ‘the secondary market’.This means that we use tickets from somebody else to be used by your clients. Sometimes this can cause problems. These can be solved quickly if your client works with us and is flexible to a solution. Tell your client to stay calm, be cooperative and work with us to find a solution. If the client misbehaves in any way, Tango Tickets will cancel the delivery. We will always protect our co-workers and our season cards.
  • In some circumstances we cannot deliver shortside so we will upgrade to longside tickets without telling your client. When Tango upgrades your client to a higher category this can never be a valid reason to complain or demand any claim. Longside instead of shortside is always considered to be an upgrade, lower instead of upper as well.
  • Corner seats are considered longside. Between penalty boxes is considered central.
  • We always deliver in pairs which means that

3 tickets = 2+1     

4 tickets = 2+2

5 tickets = 2+2+1 unless confirmed otherwise

If you are looking to fulfill orders that you obtained from any online platform (StubHub, Viagogo etc..) Tango tickets can never be held responsible for any problem or penalty imposed by such organ